ISLAMABAD- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged provinces to immediately map out and identify polio high risk areas and adopt specific interventions for each of them depending on their particular requirements.

He said this in a letter written to all the chief ministers to sensitize them about the endemic eruption of polio virus in the country. The prime minister said urgency of the situation demands that provincial governments redouble their efforts for polio eradication.

He said district administrations should be asked to ensure vigilant oversight of the polio campaigns during the upcoming low transmission season from December this year to May next year.

Nawaz Sharif referred to the international concern over spread of polio in Pakistan and said the issue was also raised by the President of the World Bank during his visit to the USA last month.

It has been predicted that if the spread of polio was not contained, the number of polio cases in the country may increase tenfold over the coming years.

The Prime Minister said the situation was indeed alarming, rendering it difficult to over emphasize the need to strengthen the oversight and accountability mechanisms within the National Emergency Action Plan.