ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF)'s inefficiency cost Pakistan dearly as Asian Squash Federation (ASF) stripped off Pakistan from hosting the Asian Junior Team Championship, both men and women, awarded to Pakistan last year.

Pakistan was all set to conduct the junior event in February next year in Islamabad, but all of sudden, the ASF informed the PSF that the championship would now be held in Malaysia instead. The decision was conveyed to the PSF during the Asian Senior Squash Championship in Hong Kong, but the PSF kept on hiding the facts.

It is quite embarrassing that despite PSF senior vice president Razi Nawab is an elected ASF vice president, he doesn't protect Pakistan's rights even at Asian level. He is also chairman of Asian referees committee, but not a single Pakistani referee was hired by the ASF for the recently-concluded Asian Games.

Razi attends all the ASF and World Squash Federation (WSF) meetings, but when it comes to allocating events or Pakistan's interest, he is simply toothless and gives just one justification and that is I am powerless. If he is powerless, then why is he sitting in the ASF, instead either he should raise the genuine concerns of the country or just resign, as it makes no sense of holding onto a dummy post.

It is totally unjust decision of the ASF who deprived of the event just because of security concerns, a fact which is highly unjustified as the country has just recently conducted $25,000 CAS International Squash Championship in Islamabad in a befitting manner. Nine international players including former squash great Geoff Hunt were present there and Hunt praised security and hospitality of Pakistan and raised his voice in support of the country terming it best place to conduct more high-profile squash events in near future.

When the PSF was fully aware about the ASF decision, why didn’t they raise the issue with them? The PSF secretary always make tall claims of hosting Pakistan Open and other handsome amount events in the country, but on the other hand, the ground reality is quite different. The PSF can't safeguard their interests at Asian level, how would it be possible for them to take something from the PSA and World Squash Federation. The time is ripe PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafqiue Butt must interfere rather relying on reports of PSF secretary and SVP. He himself should seek detailed report from the neutral sources.

Pakistan squash is at its lowest ebb, and instead of accepting their failure for worst showing at Asian Games, the federation has put burden of the defeat on the shoulders of head coach Jamshed Gul. Some certain quarters want to settle personal scores with head coach and want to destroy Pakistan squash. Due to their conspiracies, coaching slot was abolished without any solid reason which put Pakistani players’ future at stake, as how could it be possible for them to train themselves and give finest results. Now the PSF office at Musahf Mir Squash Complex is not more than a ghost house, as training camps can't be conducted without a permanent coach.

When this scribe contacted PSF secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz to seek his point of view regarding Asian Junior Team Championship status, he replied: “Yes, the ASF informed us some days back, but we wanted to keep it secret till the conclusion of CAS event.” He denied the event was allocated to Malaysia. “We are not aware of this development, but we just know the ASF informed us about the decision sighting participating countries’ security concerns.” To another query regarding preparations for upcoming World Open, he said: “We will hire Faheem Gul and two trainers, who will train the players at Mushaf Mir Complex.”

Only two weeks left but there is no camp, just like the federation wasted too much precious time without conducting camp for the Asian Games. Only a miracle can save Pakistan squash and players’ future under the current management which failed miserably in all the departments. PSF president’s further delay in this regard can further hamper Pakistani players’ chances in international events.