The special treatment enjoyed by very important persons (VIPs) is a social cancer. It has divided the society and hampered the process towards democratisation and rule of law. The rule of law clearly mentions that rights of individual are supreme and should be properly guaranteed while the presence of VIP culture is just opposite to it. Rules are frequently relaxed and changed to provide relief to these top-notch people. Someone has precisely said: “Law grinds the poor and rich rules the law.”

A recent incident following the delay in flight schedule has made it obvious that people can no longer bear the burden of VIP culture.

They have started raising their voice against it. They believe now is the time to call it a day. The task is daunting but not impossible. Let us say with one voice and take a bold step to start the journey towards eradication of this system as a thousand miles journey begins with a single step.

-The writer Kaleem-ur-Rehman

is a student of BS at

COMSATS University.