LAHORE: The volume of pathologic entities that one can encounter in the head and neck makes this region one of the most daunting areas of diagnostic pathology. The challenge includes the need to integrate clinical, radiographic, immune-histo-chemical, and even molecular testing, to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis of head and neck tumors and tumor-like lesions.

These views were expressed by Dr Richard Allibone, Consultant Pathologist at Nottingham University, UK, at a workshop held at the University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Tuesday. The workshop was organised by UHS Pathology Department and it was attended by more than 80 pathologists from all over Pakistan. Dr Allibone while discussing the scope and practice of head and neck as a specialty in UK, provided a comprehensive review of head and neck surgical pathology including the upper respiratory tract, thyroid, salivary gland, skin, inflammatory diseases, lymphomas, mesenchymal lesions, and oral cavity lesions.–Staff Reporter