KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Pary Sindh President and provincial Food Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has said that successes have been made in eliminating terrorism from the country but incidents like Quetta attack proves that a lot more is needed to curb this menace.

Talking to media after visiting the injured of Quetta Police training academy attack at a local hospital in Karachi yesterday, Nisar Khuhro said that bold steps should be taken to curb terrorism from the country so that the terrorists should also think several times before striking at the country.

He said that the media and other people should not discuss the non political actors and instead talk about political actors and their role in the country.

He said that staging protest is one of the fundamental rights of the people but calling for lock down of Islamabad was also inappropriate.

“I do not know if Imran Khan used the word lockdown intentionally or unintentionally but he should have avoided it,” he said adding he is now seeing both Imran Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a closed lane, without having a way out.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is hiding from being made accountable for his wealth disclosed in Panama leaks and wanted to further prolong the issue through delaying tactics.

“Opposition parties will also not stay back from exposing the weaknesses of the government,” he said adding that the federal government should refrain from forming the terms of reference for Panama Papers which could once again be rejected from the apex court.

Commenting on the chase and run in Rawalpindi between police and Pakistan Awami Leader Sheikh Rashid, Khuhro said that Rashid should have shown courage and present himself for arrest if the government tries to arrest him for arranging a public gathering.