According to Tolo News, Afghanistan has sent 981 tons of fresh and dried fruit to India through the Afghan-India Air Corridor Program since June 18, the Office of the Senior Advisor to the President on Banking and Finance said in a statement on Saturday. 

The latest flight carrying at least 40 tons of fresh and dried fruit departed Kandahar Airport on Friday, the statement said, adding that it was the 21st flight to date. 

The process of transferring goods to India via the Air Corridor Program has continued on a regular basis, the statement said. The result of the program’s success goes to the strong coordination and cooperation amongst government entities, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the private sector. 

“We therefore, entered into the very optimal stage in which we have almost solved most of the challenges ahead of the program. The operation of the flights we recently conducted were in a very smooth and standard manner. So far, we were able to export 981 tons of goods through this program to India,” the statement added.