ISLAMABAD - The Establishment Division (ED) has sought to take disciplinary action against Punjab Food Authority Director General Noor-ul-Amin Mengal for ignoring the transfer order.

On August 9, the federal government issued the transfer order of Mengal from Punjab to Balochistan.

Well-placed sources told The Nation that the ED has informed the Prime Minister’s Office that it would take disciplinary action against Mengal because he did not follow it’s posting order and continue to work in the Punjab province.  The sources said that officials can face the penalty of suspension from service in case the federal government orders were disobeyed.

According to the ED notification issued on August 9, “Noor-Ul-Amin Mengal, a BS-19 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service, presently posted under the government of Punjab, is transferred and his services are placed at the disposal of the government of Balochistan with immediate effect and until further orders.”

A senior officer said that Mengal is a grade-19 and the secretary ED has powers to take direct action against him. He said that Mengal had challenged his transfer order in the Lahore High Court but the court rejected his petition, directing him to approach the Federal Services Tribunal. The officer said that if any province requires the services of any civil servant, it should provide a valid reason for its request for retention. He said that transfer, postings, and promotions of civil servants were the prerogative of the federal government. He said that if the federal government refuses the request of the Punjab government, in this case, Mengal will have no justification to stay in Punjab. He said that Mengal has failed to offer any justification to stay in Punjab.

According to the rotation policy, the federal government can transfer the services of any civil servant to any province after completion of a period of three-year in one province. 

Earlier, the Punjab government had written a letter to the federal government to withdraw the transfer notification Mengal.

Mengal confirmed to The Nation that he was working on the same post with the support of the provincial government. He said that the Punjab government has conveyed to the federal government that his services were required in Punjab province. He said that he will only follow the instruction of the ED if it did not change its stance on his transfer notification.

Mengal claimed that “a few people wanted his removal from the post due to his zero-tolerance policy against the corrupt mafia”. He said that he belonged to Balochistan and he has no issue to perform duty there.