LAHORE - A petition on Saturday was filed in the Lahore High Court seeking directives for the government authorities to provide free education up to elementary level in all schools across the country.

Azhar Siddique, a local lawyer, moved the petition who also challenged Punjab Private Educational Institutions  (Promotions & Regulations) Act, 2017” . The lawyer said that parents must be penalised if they don’t send children to schools.

He submitted that under Article 25 A of the Constitution,  education was identified as one of the fundamental rights of people according  to which the state was bound to provide free education to all children of age five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.

He argued that under Article 3 of the Constitution, the state was made bound to ensure elimination of all kind of exploitation.  He pointed out that private schools had been charging exorbitant fee from the parents and exploiting them in the name of education.