MULTAN -  PTI vice chairman and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that he does not have lust for office or title any more.

“Honestly speaking, what I want only to spend my remaining life in delivering lectures at top world universities to debunk disinformation about Islam and make the students aware of true face of this beautiful religion.”

He declared while addressing the concluding session of 778th annual Urs of Saint Bahauddin Zakariya here on Saturday. He said that his father, grandfather and he himself had already enjoyed rule and titles. “The biggest honour and title for me is to be the caretaker or this shrine and descendant of Ghaus Pak,” he added. He said that he never did the politics of abuse and is willing to spend rest of his life in serving humanity and Islam. “I am ready to fight for stability of Pakistan, promotion of Islam and creating awareness in the world on true spirit of Islam,” he declared. He said that he would play role for depicting true face of Islam in the world from Russia to China, Pakistan to Europe and India. He said that he would talk for the oppressed Kashmiris and Muslims in India on international level.

He said that the dastar (turban) on his head was the real honour for him and no one but Allah Almighty granted him this honour. He asked the members of Jama’at-e-ghausia to promote unity in their ranks. “You don’t need to get frightened from anyone. The opponents are afraid of you,” he added. He declared that the construction of complex for the devotees, langar khana and slaughter house would be started very soon.  He said that he would play role to get the children of members of Jama’at-e-ghausia educated. He declared that he would visit Obaro on November 5 and hold consultation with the members of the Jama’at from Ghotki to chalk out future line of action.

He said that Pakistan is an ideological state and conspiracies are being hatched to weaken foundation of the country by fanning sectarianism in the country. He added that the attempts are meant to create chaos in the society which posed serious challenge to this ideological state. He asserted that the nation needs to understand the message spread by the saints and sufis for the sake of protection of two-nation theory. “And it’s the message of love and affection,” he noted.

A representative of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat expressed complete solidarity on this occasion with Shah Mehmood Qureshi and said that his organisation would stand with him through thick and thin. 

Chairman of Awaam Raaj Party Jamshed Dasti, MNA Aamir Dogar, MPAs Haji Ehsaan Uddin Qureshi and Javed Akhtar Ansari, representatives of different Sunni religious parties and caretakers of shrines from across the country were also present on the occasion.