LAHORE - The PML-N has proposed no role for Maryam Nawaz in the party in the foreseeable future, well-informed party sources said on Saturday.

Talking to The Nation, the sources said PML-N had not so far discussed who would lead the party in case the court struck down the law under which Nawaz Sharif was elected as its president in spite of being disqualified by the Supreme Court in the Panama case.

There was a controversy about the role of the former prime minister’s daughter after her interview to The New York Times that the family had decided that she should take the party’s reins. She, however, immediately denied the statement as a misquotation.

The publication wrote: “She hesitated to directly say whether she had ambitions to become prime minister, saying it was her family’s decision that she would take the party’s reins.”

Maryam said in a tweet: “The statement that the family decided that I should be leading the party was wrongly ascribed to me. There has never been any such decision.”

She further said, “Nawaz Sharif is and Insha’Allah will be leading PML-N. I am not even an aspirant. I am happy to be working as a PML-N worker.”

The PML-N sources claimed Maryam was neither interfering in the party matters nor did Nawaz Sharif allow anyone to do so.

Asked what the situation would be in case the court struck down the very law under which Sharif became the party head even after being disqualified, the sources said: “Striking down the said law would not an easy task.”

Critical of the PPP’s role in the passage of another law in the Senate that reverses the parliament’s earlier decision on a disqualified person’s eligibility to lead the party, the PML-N sources said the move had exposed the PPP. “It’s an undemocratic attitude”.

The sources said the party had not so far even considered how the party would be run in case the impugned legislation was struck down.

“Whether Nawaz Sharif remains the party chief or not, he will run it, no matter who leads the party on papers.”