GN NEW YORK - Scarlett Johansson has reportedly held talks to star in the drama ‘Reflective Light’. The 32-year-old actress is being eyed to play the mother of a teenage boy who suffers from a malady that makes him allergic to sunlight in the Gregory Crewdson-directed movie. In the film, Scarlett’s would-be character is so devoted to the wellbeing of her son that she manages to alienate the rest of her family.

As a result, the mother creates a nocturnal lifestyle for her beloved son at the expense of her own health, according to Variety, which reports that the situation starts to unravel when a local girl goes missing.

If Scarlett accepts the role being offered to her, it would represent a notable change for the Hollywood actress, who has recently starred in more comedic and action roles, such as in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

Despite this, the New York-born star previously admitted her role in the Marvel movies, in which she plays the Black Widow, has transformed her career. She explained: ‘’I think for such a long time, I felt kind of pigeonholed as this ingenue - this kind of girl who is floating between two worlds. Maybe that was just a literal reflection of my life at that time.

I’m a very curious person. I’m a really curious actor.

‘’The Marvel universe has opened up so many opportunities for me to stretch myself in ways that I never thought would be possible.’’

Scarlett said the Marvel experience has helped to change how she’s perceived by the movie industry.

She reflected: ‘’I think perhaps people at some point in the industry would have had a certain idea of my physical capability - sort of like a trap. And there was this label put on me as this bombshell.