LAHORE - Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani stressed the need for building a strong national narrative to counter the international propaganda against Pakistan.

He expressed these views in his message on the eve of the launching of “Focus Pakistan”, a book by Senate Secretary Amjed Pervez Malik here at Iqbal Hall of Quaid-e-Azam Library, Bagh-e-Jinnah on Saturday. Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana was the chief guest at the launching ceremony organized by the Directorate General of Libraries, Punjab.

Raza Rabbani noted that Pakistan had been faced with accusations and propaganda for the mess of extremism and terrorism which, he said, was actually created by the western powers and their regional associates.

He congratulated Mr Amjed Pervez on compiling a publication to effectively demolish the prevailing misconceptions, wilful distortion of facts and negative propaganda against Pakistan. "The book builds a clear-sighted and sound case for Pakistan as a country that is economically viable, democratic and peace-loving than any other given state in the region or the world," he pointed out.

Speaking as chief guest at the launch of "Focus Pakistan," Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana also stressed the need for projecting positive image of Pakistan. "The book has provided a highly convincing alternative narrative that proves that Pakistan is making progress despite challenges," he noted. He claimed that the government was making all-out efforts to make the country a hub of economic and trade activity. "Democratic continuity, institutional harmony, economic revival, independent media and vibrant civil society have repositioned Pakistan into a strong country that plays a pivotal role for peace, security and development in its neighbourhood", he added.

The author of "Focus Pakistan," Senate Secretary Amjed Pervez Malik said the book was rooted in history but, more importantly, it talked about the future prospects and challenges faced by Pakistan. "The book covers a number of economic, cultural and strategic issues. However, the cross-cutting themes relating to Pakistan's continuing perception gap are at the heart of this work", he said, adding that the book was a record or reference work about the young nation of Pakistan at 70. He termed his book a voice of every Pakistani who felt himself a victim of extraordinary circumstances, enforced by local or global dictators.

Eminent writer and senior Journalist Sohail Wariach, Munir Ahmed Khan and Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar, director general libraries, also addressed the participants comprising writers, intellectuals, academia, students and people from different walks of life.