ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan squash players continue to give poor performances at international level despite being fully facilitated by the federation.  

Pakistan’s No 1 player Farhan Mehboob bowed out against Kuwaiti Ammar Altamimi 3-0 as Ammar sits way behind Mehboob in PSA rankings but overconfidence cost Mehboob dearly, as he lost 8-11, 7-11, 9-11, a result which is highly shocking and totally unacceptable for PSF. While Farhan Zaman lost the match against Hong Kong’s Leo Au also with same margin of 3-0.  

Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) must seek explanation from the self-proclaimed world champions Farhan Mehboob and Farhan Zaman for their pathetic performances first in $25,000 Life Time Chicago Open 2017 and now in the $165K Qatar Classic Squash Championship, as both fell in the qualifying round.  

It is matter of grave concern for not only the federation but also for both the players, as PSF has been investing heavily on both these players, but so far they failed to even provide ordinary performances, especially Zaman’s poor run is a sign for grave concern for the PSF. Zaman is not only Pakistan No 3, but also most likely member of Pakistan squash team, which would take part in the World Team Squash Championship in France next month.  

The sources confirmed to this scribe that Zaman is carrying a back injury for the past few months and he is hiding the injury to even the federation and planning to take break from the game after playing in the World Team Championship. The federation must understand that it is not about emotions or go ahead with certain criteria, if a player is not fit and going through the worst times with racket, it is of no use to pick that player. Even if he or she is No 1 ranked, rather provide opportunity to a fit player.  

“The results in the world team are well-known to all, as there is no chance that with team like this, Pakistan could perform wonder and with Farhan Mehboob also not available due to his back-out from appearing in trials. The things are looking further grim and under present circumstances, it will be far better for the federation to relax rules and work on Mehboob’s full fitness, as he is still the best option, who can carry forward nation’s hopes. If Zaman is picked once again, just because of pressure from so-called executive committee, then writing is very much on the wall and no one else, but executive committee and the federation will be held responsible for the debacle.  

When this scribe contacted PSF secretary Group Captain Tahir Sultan to seek his point of view in this regards, Tahir said: “We can’t sit back and watch such poor results. We have provided the best facilities to the players and in response, we expect much-improved results. It will be taken in the general council and also executive committee meeting and the players have to pay back the federation’s confidence by doing well in the PSA events.” 

About chances of national squash team in the World Team Championship, Tahir said: “Off course, we will select the best available team and there will be no compromise on principles. We have made the players clear that the federation will look after them, provide them whatever they demand, but we only want them to play according to their abilities, winning or losing is part of the game, but one has to show