With the prevalent child star, Ahmad’s popularity at rise and his growing demands in talk shows as well as morning shows, it is yet an alarming situation to reckon with the sort of standards we are setting. In the context of growing societies, where being a star is considerably associated with trying out tricks and juggling around with the norms just to bring in star power to display is itself an entertainment flaw.  

Globally, norms are settled around breaking records, outshining in competencies or touching the hiatus of accomplishments as this is what brings them at par with the universal standards. We see in western societies how their main focus is placed on honing the potential of the kids and channeling their radiance into the power that dazzle their way forward.

The question arises when we peep into retrospect and trace the pattern we are paving for our future generations to follow, reflecting much on our inclination today. Rather than gearing up the change process and expediting the development of juvenile minds into activities that can characterize them as legends and champions, we are exhibiting and demonstrating their senselessness and lauding it as the new norm. The publicity fodder that we have taken up on is itself contaminating our roots and weakening the vision that we set for those following us.

No offense to how morning shows are programmed and what purpose they serve, they have tainted average minds into believing that the star of today must break the status quo by being a clumsier version of who they are not and flaunt their gawkiness in colors of vanity. However, it doesn’t boil down to the thespian masquerade that is flashing on our newsfeed, tv screens and the content our kids are being fed to but rather our level of acceptability and appreciation, provided we consider ourselves on the highest level of adulthood.

To get into the depth of this phenomena and prick out its pieces, those kids in the audience as well as those paying consideration derive their aspiration from a kid who is ranting his outrageous misconduct and trespassing the standards our great grandfathers dedicated their lives in building. If only they could peep out of their graves one last time and see where we are headed to as a society they would graciously beg to be buried again.

Also, the pace of competition that we are matching up with is itself a hysterical offering as the generations that follow us must already be spell bound with the path we are taking as these are the vert footsteps were are carving. Entertainment for us has taken a distorted shape and dimension from the age of naivety to a period of adulthood where we offer a breeding ground to icons like Qandeel Baloch, Ahmed, Nasir khan jaan, Nauman khan the legend and lament about the suicidal death of societal values without realizing our role in it.

Limiting the exhibition to our drawing rooms made some sense earlier, keeping it in terms of a good laughter dose but promoting it on national television is itself a curse that we will resort to condemning later as it becomes a norm. If such goofs are highlighted for their stupidity and nuisance and given a national ground to nourish their idiocy then we are on the right track to least invest in normalcy yet be best at carrying the circus show further.