LONDON-Rita Ora had ''an insecure moment'' at the start of her music career.

The 27-year-old singer is now established as one of the world's best-known pop stars, but Rita has admitted to feeling uncertain of herself around the time she released her debut album in 2012.

She shared: ''I had a bit of an insecure moment when I was starting out and I felt like I couldn't be myself, and that has now put a burden on me for the future, because if I was myself then I probably would have been different now. But I'm very grateful for the experience that I had.''

Rita admitted that some up-and-coming stars feel a pressure to make an immediate impression on people within the music industry. But the chart-topping singer - who has also starred in the 'Fifty Shades' movie franchise - has insisted that making a good first impression isn't actually as important as people seem to believe.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''First impressions for me are not as important as other people may think they are.

''I like to meet someone and give them time to warm up. Sometimes it's hard in our industry when you have a one-second window to meet someone and leave an impression.''

Rita also revealed how she uses fashion and make-up as a form of self-expression.

The fashion-conscious star said: ''I use fashion and make-up as something to express myself with, but also something to hide with. That's what makes it interesting for me.''