SYDNEY (AFP) - The first Muslim elected to Australias parliament was sworn in on Tuesday with his hand on his parents Quran. Ed Husic, whose mother and father are Bosnian migrants, said it was an enormous privilege to serve in Canberra as he conceded that his unique place in Australian political history was something of a milestone. Given my background, there are some people taking a small slice of pride or happiness, he told The Australian newspaper. Husic, a former union boss who grew up in the western Sydney area he represents, won his place in the 150-seat House of Representatives in Canberra for the ruling Labour Party in August 21 polls. He was among the MPs sworn into Australias 43rd parliament by the chief justice of the high court in Canberra on Tuesday. Muslims make up about 1.7 percent of Australias heavily Christian population of 22 million.