Let me give you my point of view about the current affairs in the country. Let me begin with the 9 years rule by a dictator. As such he was not only incompetent to govern but also stubborn, as commando soldiers are. But ultimately he had to hold election in the country. A single point agenda for the existing political parties was ouster of a dictator. Hence PPP got 127 odd and PML-N some 94 seats. Much to the disappointment of Musharraf and despite his drama, the Kings party could not protect his rule. He worked upon other means and schemes to stay in power, but having found himself in the end of the tunnel, he quietly slipped to UK and USA to deliver lectures. That is all he probably could do anyway. During his tenure he failed to take care of economy and the energy sector. The war on terror launched by the Musharraf regime assumed uglier proportions. With hundreds of serious problems, Pakistan was by no means easy to govern. The PPP leadership committed blunder after blunder. Corruption, placement of cronies to important posts and the foot-dragging on NRO verdict are all a sad commentary on its commitment to govern. We require a govt, which can handle the problems faced by the country today. We need a govt, which can deliver and not make speeches and empty slogans. The big question is: do we have such people? AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, September 28.