ISLAMABAD - The decision of imposing ban on export of livestock will face further delay as Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development have not reached consensus so far in this regard, sources told TheNation on Tuesday. Sources informed TheNation that Commerce Ministry moved a summary to the Ministry of Livestock and Diary Development a few days back seeking suggestion regarding imposition of ban on livestocks export. However the Commerce Ministry is waiting for the response of the Ministry of Livestock and Diary Development, sources added. The decision is being taken to control the soaring prices of meat in the country, as livestock sector is badly hit by the floods. It is reported that thousands of cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, and camels have been lost and hundreds of fish farms and poultry farms have been destroyed across the country due to the heavy floods. Due to this reason, price of meat and its products went up in the last few weeks, as country faces livestock shortage and if the Government did not take timely action, the situation could further worsen. Sources further told that Ministry of Livestock had the authority to issue licences for export of live animals in consultation with other stakeholders. According to sources, earlier the Government was considering options including imposing ban on the export of livestock or to fix regulatory duty on it to discourage its export. However Commerce Ministry believed that complete imposition of ban on livestock is more workable than to fix any regulatory duty on it.