KARACHI - Positive activity continued in the earnings announcement session as investors expected no significant change in monetary policy announcements. Renewed institutional and foreign interest in blue chip oil & gas, fertilizer & banking stocks on strong valuations, expectation for early resolution of the Government and judiciary disputes played a catalyst role in positive activity at KSE despite concerns for rising political uncertainty. The Karachi Stock Exchange 100-index on Tuesday closed at 9981.07 points with a gain of 44.28 points. The KMI 30-index 15717.32 points with a gain of 109.64 points. All share index closed at 6972.09 points with the gain of 30.10 points. Trading activity was maximal as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stands at 8.673 million as compared to the last trading session 69.077 million. Future market volume, however, stands at 2.483 million shares as compared to 1.664 million shares last trading session. Market Capitalisation stands over Rs 2.762 trillion. 211 companies advanced, 161 declined and 19 remained unchanged. Highest volumes were witnessed in Lotte Pakistan at 1.007 million closed at Rs 8.75 with a loss of Rs 0.08 followed by Bank al-Falah at 8.177 million closed at Rs 8.07 with a gain of Rs 0.17, TRG Pakistan Ltd at 7.871 million closed at Rs 4.23 with a gain of Rs 0.05. Ahsan Mehanti, Director Arif Habib Investments Limited, informed that the benchmark regains fifth digit on back of unified stand for an improved September Quarter Closing. Positive opening backed by turnover generated mainly in low priced and cornered stocks, due to unconfirmed news of likely sell-off of strategic holdings, while benchmark kept moving on portfolio dressing in main board stocks, he said. He said sustaining positively in the stocks those gain from weakening of local currency was an easier task, since the offshore participants are not on selling spree with locals onboard for a decent quarter closing, resistance to the bulls was manageable, thereby keeping the positive numbers on board for the entire sessions besides offering various trading opportunities to the market men. He added that unconfirmed news suggesting that MTS draft has been forwarded to the Law Ministry for legislation without further amendment and the anticipation that the policy discount rate is likely to stay unchanged, allowed the short-term traders to trade with improved volumes and sentiments. He said stagnation around midday did invite profit taking and fresh offloading from the local corridors mainly by the participants eying at 10000 for offloading. He further said caution is therefore recommended, sell on strength is recommended in the sector stocks and is likely to face brunt of the recent flooding in shape of infrastructural and production loss, while stocks having capacity of gaining strength after MTS implementation can be looked for accumulation on dips, while short-term trading opportunities that keep coming on technical calls can be capitalised.