ISLAMABAD The Federal Government and all the provinces on Tuesday resolved all the issues related to implementation of the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) in the country. According to the official statement, the two-day meeting of the Federal Finance Minister with the provincial finance ministers and their technical teams concluded here on Tuesday. A record note on implementation of RGST in the country was prepared by the participants with consensus. The record note would be shared with the chief ministers of the provinces by the participating teams. It was decided in the meeting that RGST should be implemented at the federal and provincial level at the earliest. Legislation in this respect should be moved in the National Assembly and in the provincial assemblies. The provincial governments were of the view that they would prepare the draft RGST before October 22. According to the formula, the Federal Board of Revenue will give 36 percent of the taxes to the provinces on the services if it collects taxes. According to the statement, the stakeholders reached agreement with regard to the treatment of services in the new legislation. The right of the provinces to levy GST on services was completely recognised. It was also upheld that the provinces reserved the right to collect GDT on services if they desired so. As the result of the consultative process, an understanding was achieved that the services, where no cross provincial transactions were involved or no input adjustments/refunds were required, would be treated as stand-alone-services, on which taxes could be collected by the provinces at their level. However, the services, where cross provincial transactions as well as input adjustments/refunds were required, would accrue directly to the provinces; however, there would be a single return and a single audit at the level of FBR.