Is it not surprising that none of the champions of womens rights and firebrand women of NGOs have taken up the cause of Dr Afia Siddiqui? Why are they all mute? It is because the NGOs, mostly funded by the Western powers, and the women heading them, dare not speak in favour of a hijab-wearing woman falling victim to US fake war of terror and US system of justice, heavily biased against foreigners, blacks and Hispanics. Who abducted Siddiqui, along with her children, and handed her over to Karzai government that consigned her to torture chambers in Bagram for five years, remains unknown. This mystery would not be solved until Gen Musharraf is interrogated, which is well nigh impossible. Musharraf confessed in his book having sold Pakistanis for bounty. He now wants to return to serve the nation. Even if Musharraf manages to secure ironclad guarantees of security for his life, he will never be able to live in peace here because the kin of those he sold and ghosts of Lal Majid would continue to haunt him. Reportedly, after Dr Imran Farooqs assassination, Musharraf sleeps during day and wakes to guard his life at night. What a life MIRZA TUFTAN BAIG, Lahore, September 28.