SIALKOT - PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said that his party has decided upon a policy to ensure revival of the economy after coming into power. Under this policy, just five percent taxes would be collected from the business community. Nothing more than five percent will be charged in tax collection including the import and export duties, he said. According to him, this revolutionary economic measure would enhance the total income of the country by no less than 10 percent. He said the PML-N was also crafting a strategy to revive the old privatisation and denationalisation policies and it would be implemented if it comes into power. He was addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Tuesday afternoon to mark launching of the SCCI Silver Jubilee Book namely 'Essence of Enterprise. He also announced revival of the Economic Reforms Package introduced by him in Pakistan during his premiership in 1991, stressing that the political and economic instability could put this package in jeopardy. He gave the example of India where the economic reforms have provided growth and stability. Nawaz said Pakistan was in dire need of an upsurge in the economy and introduction of positive economic reforms was a must. He expressed grave concern over the anti-Pakistan conspiracies, which, he said, are hatched whenever Pakistan is poised to take off. He urged upon the business community to pay taxes as well as import and export duties honestly. He wanted them to end over-invoicing so that the country could be pulled out of the prolonged economical crisis it was going through so that the dependence on foreign aid and loans is ended. He said the PML-N, after coming into power, would ensure minimum ratio of all taxes and import and export duties for the business community. Mr Sharif maintained that the existing system of tax collection in Pakistan had several flaws which need to be eliminated by taking the business community into confidence. He also asked the business community to come forward and play its pivotal role in eliminating terrorism from the country. According to him, it is a point of grave concern that Pakistan is still unable to find its true destination vis-a-vis political and economic stability. He said terrorism was the number one problem of the country at this moment. On this occasion, Nawaz also lauded the unique export culture of Sialkot, saying that business community of this city was playing a pivotal role in strengthening the national economy because of its great potential to explore and capture the international trade markets. He advised the business community of other big and small industrial cities to replicate the export and industrial culture of Sialkot. He said there should be two or three more 'Sialkots in Pakistan to make Pakistan a prosperous nation. He urged the PPP government to focus on developing and boosting the national industrial and export structure so as to become economically stronger as this step would also be helpful in avoiding the foreign aids and loans. He said the rectification of countrys flawed tax collection system would generate enough additional income for us and there would not be any need to have the foreign aid and loans. Its high time to give up the old tradition of begging from other countries, he said.