Keeping in view the example of drone attacks, which are carried out with the consent of the federal government, contrary to the official claim that this wasnt the case, it is not certain whether the protest that has been lodged against the NATO gunship attacks resulting in the death of over 30 persons on Pakistans soil, is not a part of the same farce. As expected, just like the response on drone attacks by the US government, NATOs reply has been equally brazen, implying that it is least bothered about our sovereignty and would conduct similar attacks in future. It reaffirms the belief that the strategy of hot pursuit has already got the green signal from the PPP-led dispensation. And to practically prove that it meant business, the ISAF forces carried out yet another attack on Monday leaving six people dead in Kurram Agency. ISAFs assertion that it could operate on Pakistani territory in self-defence lacks justification since Pakistan is not only considered an ally in the war on terror but also its army is keeping vigil on the border. It is very clear that the Pak-Afghan border constitutes the zone where the occupation forces mandate ends and by deliberately stepping into Pakistani territory, the US is simply reinforcing its overlordship over the country. The governments complicity in such barbarous killings of its own citizens is outrageous and must be strongly condemned. People are asking the question what it is that Islamabad has bartered away its sovereignty for? It is little wonder that the PPP and the Presidents reputation has hit an all time low. The revelation made by Bob Woodward in his new book that shows President Zardari egging on the Americans to launch drone attacks without bothering about collateral damage has only provided grist to the mill of those who have been accusing the government of blindly bowing before US diktat. These attacks are surely killing Pakistanis and it must not be forgotten that the popular anger they generate would create more problems for the government.