LONDON - Protesters from across the United Kingdom are expected to attend a demonstration in Birmingham on October 2 at a rally organised by former dictator Pervez Musharraf, as he aims to revive his political career by launching his 'All Pakistan Muslim League. The protesters will gather at The New Bingley Hall, where Musharraf will address the members of his party. Taji Mustafa, the media representative of Hizbut Tehrir in Britain, said, The purpose of our demonstration against Musharraf is clear: to expose a person who is no less a slave of America than Zardari who he seeks to replace. He is the man who sold Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the United States; the man who supported Americas war against the Muslims of Afghanistan; the man who did Americas bidding in Waziristan and at the Lal Masjid; the man who fuelled bitter divisions within Pakistan; the man who allowed the US security forces - the FBI, CIA, Blackwater and others - into Pakistan. Unsurprisingly, Musharraf is being paraded to Birminghams Muslims by Khalid Mahmood MP who supported the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and draconian anti-terror laws, he remarked. It seemed that just as Musharraf managed a deal with Benazir Bhutto to save his own skin, and so allowed Asif Ali Zardari into power, he aimed to fill Zardaris shoes, as his (Zardaris) political life was going to expire soon, and he wanted to resume servitude to Washington and London, he opined. For the last two years, Musharraf has lived a millionaires lifestyle in London, frequenting the luxurious restaurants and hotels, something unaffordable to most generals on a pension. Yet people are expected to think that he is somehow less corrupt than Zardari or Nawaz Sharif, he said. Pakistan does not need the same old recycled corrupt slaves of America and Britain - democrats and dictators alike - exploiting the people, neglecting their needs and oppressing them. Pakistan needs a new leadership and new system. Pakistan needs Caliphate to save it from the likes of Zardari and Musharraf and offer the people, a real change and real justice under Islam.