PESHAWAR - In the wake of recent investigations, which unearthed the involvement of private security companies in helping militants in terror activities, the Government has decided to carry out scrutiny of all such companies operating in Pakistan. In a letter sent to the provincial Government, the Interior Ministry asked for details of personnel of such private security firms including their CNIC numbers, weapons in their use and other relevant information. The district coordination officers had been directed to compile the data of these firms in their concerned areas after which the process has been started in the provincial capital, Peshawar. All financial organsiations including banks have also been directed for provision of details of private security companies workers hired by them. It is pertinent to mention that recently certain private security firms and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), working in Pakistan, were found involved in assisting militants financially and providing them with human resource as well. According to sources, the militants arrested by the law enforcement agencies in different operations from tribal areas and FR regions during interrogation had disclosed the names of some private security firms and some NGOs working in disguise, who are funding the militants and providing them with human resource for terror activities in the country. About two months back after the disclosure by militants, the Interior Ministry asked the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to provide a detailed list of these private security firms and NGOs. The Interior Ministry in an official letter No d-6848/2009-ds(s) issued to officials of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including Inspector General Police, Additional Chief Secretary, besides FATA Secretariat and all other concerned officials, had asked for provision of detailed report on private security firms and NGOs in the province. It is to be mentioned here that some private security firms had been raided last year for their alleged links with American company DynCorp (Blackwater) of which one such firm was Inter Risk. According to reports, Inter Risk along with another Pakistani firm Speed Flo Filter Industries were also hired by Dyncorp International for US consulate in Peshawar last year. Other provinces have also been directed to start the scrutiny of such firms.