This refers to the news item headlined 'TCP befooling public as sugar price feared to rise that appeared in The Nation of September 18, 2010. The TCP would like to clarify that its role is restricted to import of commodities in accordance with the decision taken by government. According to rules of business, Ministries of Industries & Production & Food and Agriculture are responsible for assessing the market requirements, prices, supply and demand position etc. Based on their assessment, the ECC of federal Cabinet allows and assigns the responsibility of import to TCP. The ECC of the Cabinet initially in January assigned import of 500,000 MT and subsequently in March 2010 increased the quantity to 1.2 MMT of white sugar by TCP for the year 2010. After this, a quantity of 436,000 Metric Tons has arrived in Pakistan and the balance quantity is scheduled for arrival until the end of December, 2010. This procurement is being carried out in accordance with the rules and framework set out by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority. TCP also wishes to clarify that no tender notification, once floated by the TCP, has been withdrawn, as regrettably pointed out in the news item. The entire activity from the tender publication till the arrival of the cargo and its distribution to the organizations is in pursuance of the directives of the Federal Government. All concerned including the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries and Production, and ECC of the Cabinet, are kept abreast. It is, therefore, unfair and incorrect to impute any role of 'hide and seek to TCP as the news item has unfortunately done. TCP, as on 20-09-2010 has stock of 170,000 Metric Tons of Sugar and Provinces have so far lifted 45,000 Metric Tons out of their total allocation of 100,000 Metric Tons. Similarly, 220,000 Metric Tons have been lifted by the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) since May, 2010. Further lifting by the provinces and the USC is underway. Khizar Hayat, Lahore, September 27.