KARACHI - Muslims are not Muslims, Christians are not Christians and Jews are not Jews anymore as all religions talk about peace and their followers have messed up, said Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar, Director Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi. He was addressing at a book launching ceremony named “Europe and the Muslim World: Coexistence or Conflict,” written by Ambassador (r) Shahid Amin. “This first book launching ceremony is a great achievement for ASCE”. He added. The first book launching ceremony was held at the Area Study Centre for Europe, KU, on September 26 which was attended by students, faculty members, journalists and Consul General of Russia Andrey V Demidov. While appreciating the efforts of author, one of the panelists, Brigadier (r) Abdur Rehman Siddiqui highlighted the research and hard work of the author and also gave some recommendations. “I congratulate the author of this book to write such an extensive and well-written research piece. I also appreciate Dr Moonis and ASCE to perform this academic activity of launching first book on such an important issue”, illustrated by Professor Talat Wizarat, former chairperson, Department of International Relations, KU and visiting professor, Institute of Business Administration (IBA). According to her, the research tools and methodology applied in this book are very interesting and simple. “The author has used a historical approach and gone into roots of events happening today. He is not only going in historical roots but also analysing the events and the resources and material consulted are worth mentioning,” she said. She emphasised that this book should also be read by people in Europe as this book is like a mirror which shows both faces. It has an easy flow of ideas, no jargons, no complicated words and good for students and common readers. Eminent journalist, Ghazi Salahuddin said, “We can write many books on relations with West, Muslims, and so on but what the author has done in this book is that he has given us a text book which has historical perspective and framework of how Muslim world interacts with Europe.” He deliberated, “Ideas are more important than reading a newspaper. The ideas have created the modern world”. While emphasizing on the importance of reading books, he further expressed that “all books invite you to think and to check the doubts created in your mind while reading and to have a rational course of thinking”. In the end, the author expressed gratitude to the audience and the panelists for their valuable comments. “I thank to the ASCE for reviewing and editing this book and to bring it into a presentable form,” he said. Talking about his book he said, “This book primarily presents a relation of West and Muslims. It tells us what divides Europe and Muslims and also what is the way forward and where do we go from here. Militants are now advocating the civilisations and bringing them into conflicts. Extremism and Al-Qaeda is not only a threat to the West but it is also a grave threat for us. Extremist elements don’t allow women education, their employment and they ban all other studies except reading Quran. Extremism is a disease wherever it is found and unfortunately it is growing,” he added.