ISLAMABAD - Chairman and CEO NetSol Technologies Ltd Salim Ghauri has said that purpose of inviting national leadership to NetSol Technologies is to promote the importance of IT industry in Pakistan and its future role in shaping up economy.

Talking to media, Salim said it is right time to apprise the national leadership of the advantages of the IT industry for the economic growth of Pakistan. He said, “India has registered exponential growth by relying upon the IT industry and its exports have reached $60 billion. It is simply because of the fact that the Indian leadership has realized the importance of the IT industry.”

Salim said some 60 percent of Pakistan consists of youngsters and it is high time to divert their energies to the IT sector in order to ensure unhindered economic growth ahead. He said both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan have admired the role of NetSol in promoting IT industry in Pakistan when they were given detailed presentations on the potential of IT industry in relation to Pakistan economy. He said other senior leaders of the country would also be invited in the follow up with the same objective.

He said NetSol will keep inviting the national leadership irrespective of their manifestos and political approach.