FAISALABAD - The Election Commission of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced official results of the FCCI Elections 2012-13 in the chamber's Annual General Meeting.

Chairman Ayub Sabir declared elected members of the Executive Committee from Corporate Class namely Zahid Aslam and Muhammad Khalid Habib, Naveed Gulzar, Muhammad Ramzan, Riazul Haq,  Muhammad Amjad Khawaja and from Associate Class Rana Fiaz Ahmad,  Umer Iqbal, Abrar Ahmad,  Ghulam Dastgir and Nighat Shahid against women reserved seat.

FCCI President Zahid Aslam and vice president Muhammad Boota were elected unopposed, as per announcement. Later, the newly elected office-bearers assumed the charge.

President Zahid Aslam in his address said, "We have many challenges pertaining to the deteriorating economic situation in the country. There are issues of gas and electricity shortage. Industrial and trade sectors are passing through uncertain situation which depicts that the government is non-serious to rightfully address these issues."

He maintained that surprisingly the economic growth of other countries in the region was far better than Pakistan's. He emphasised to address the root causes of the issue and construction of large dams for electricity generation.

He said, "The war on terror is not ours and we have to get rid of it. We were pushed into the war. Due to this war, our trade and economy has badly suffered.: He was determined to uplift the profile of Faisalabad Chamber to get more and more representation in the government bodies. He further said that the FCCI will be cared for as it is the apex trade forum and mother organisation of all the trade bodies.

A Committee of senior members will be constituted to work on economic issues as 'Think Tank' to contribute fully on national economic front suggesting solutions.  Outgoing president Muzammil Sultan presented his yearly performance in the AGM which was appreciated by the members in the meeting.

He admired the efforts and support of his Executive Committee Members and secretariat staff to make the tenure fully successful. Outgoing Vice President Rehan Naseem Bharara also spoke on the occasion and thanked his colleagues on the committee.