PSY has spoken about his main musical influence.

The ‘Gangnam Style’ star revealed that British legends Queen and their late frontman Freddie Mercury first got him interested in making music.”My role model and dream of being a musician was inspired by Queen and Freddie Mercury,” he told The Mirror. “I remember them playing at Wembley. Freddie is a great hero of mine.” He added: “I’d like to teach Brian May the Gangnam Style dance.”

The South Korean singer also praised boyband One Direction, stating that he would like a future collaboration.”I’d love to work with them,” he said. “They’re huge and cool.”He also joked that he wouldn’t be able to work with Justin Bieber, as he usually drinks a lot before professional partnerships. “If I meet someone and have to work, I have to drink a lot,” he said.

“I’m really good at drinking, especially strong ones. But Justin’s not allowed to as he’s not old enough.” ‘Gangnam Style’ has become a monster hit around the world in recent weeks. The track has stormed up the US singles chart, reaching as high as number two.                                            –DS