WHILE most dogs only get to see their local park, globe-trotting canine Oscar spends his days travelling the world. His ‘hound the world’ tour has seen him travel over 150,000 km (93,000 miles) - more than twice the circumference of the Earth.

The intrepid pooch, who travels alongside owner Joanne Lefson, has taken in more than 30 countries across five continents on his worldwide adventure, stopping at famous landmarks along the way. Having already ticked the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower off his World Woof Tour bucket list, this week Oscar took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. The inseparable duo have been travelling the planet since 2009 after Oscar was rescued from an animal centre in South Africa, a day before he was due to be put down.

Ms Lefson hopes the trip, which has seen the pair visit more than 20,000 dog shelters, will help raise awareness about abandoned dogs without a home. ‘Travel remains in our bloodstream as does the case for dog adoption,’ she said. ‘An estimated half a billion dogs on the planet are homeless. ‘When they’re adopted, we’ll unbuckle our seat belts and put our paws up.’ She added: ‘Perhaps his most impressive achievement is that he has endured several flights lasting 16 hours and more and hasn’t even lifted a leg.

‘It’s a miracle he’s still even alive though. If I hadn’t gone to the kennel that fateful day Oscar would have had one more day left and would have been put down. When I discovered what a wonderful dog Oscar was it broke my heart to think how many ‘Oscars’ are still out there and simply just don’t get that second chance. I want to change perceptions of shelter dogs being old, abused and disturbed animals. Nothing could be further from the truth.’     –Metro