RAWALPINDI - Doctors working in the allied hospitals and Rawalpindi Medical College have expressed grave concerns over unlawful allotment and occupation of the residences and hostels of the hospitals and college.

The allotments of the houses and in the hostels are done without following rules and regulations and once a house or room is allotted to a person, if becomes impossible to be vacated from the occupant.

According to sources, residence of the Medical Superintendent (MS) of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) Rawalpindi is occupied by Holy Family Hospital (HFH) MS, Captain (Retd) Dr Fiaz, where he is living with his family.

While the BBH MS is trying to vacate the residence specified for him and has sent notice to Dr Fiaz in this connection, as he do not have a government residence.

Similarly, the residence specified for HFH MS has been allotted to Rawalpindi District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital MS, Dr Shair Ali Khan Niazi where he lives with his family.

In Doctors Colony of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), a house specified for a Grade-19 doctor has illegally been allotted to a junior officer, Javed Aslam Bhatti who works in the office of Rawalpindi Medical College and Allied Hospitals, Principal, Dr Musadaq Khan.

Case of ladies hostels of Benazir Bhutto Hospital is not different as the hostels where only female doctors can reside according to the law, some doctors are living with their families and do not pay the rent as well.

Two lady doctors, Dr Warda Saleem and Dr Hauz-e-Kousar are living in the hostel with their families.

Administration has taken notice of the allotment many times but they were stopped to take any action.

It is also relevant to mention here that Sui gas charges of the residents of the Doctors Colony of BB Hospital were fixed according to the departmental meter of the hospital, making the residents careless about the use of Sui gas.

The Sui Northern Gas Company sent a bill of Rs9 million this month due to the non-payment of the fixed bills.

The hospital administration directed the residents to install their separate gas meters and asked the gas company to give them more time for the payment of the bill.