TOBA TEK SINGH - The Majlis Mufad Aama (MMA) has threatened to launch civil disobedience movement if the government attempt to include Toba Tek Singh in the proposed Seraiki province.

Addressing a public meeting at Janj Ghar Chowk here, the speakers categorically declared that any such attempt would be against the aspirations of people of the area and would doom to force stiff resistance.

While addressing the gathering held under the auspices of Majlis Mufad Aama, MMA President Ghiasuddin Janbaz said that Toba district's people had never wished to join Seraiki province but the PPP's committee headed by PPP Sindh leader Taj Haider included Toba in the proposed Seraiki province map. He said that the people of Toba District would resist any action that would be carried out on the basis of hatred and ethnicity.

He pointed out that the PPP leaders were keep hammering the issue in the hope that their party would considerably get gains in the forthcoming elections in the region.

He also criticised the closure of Super Express and Badar Express trains on Faisalabad-Khanewal track and demanded restoration of the both the trains besides to approve stopover of Shalimar Express train at Toba.

He also demanded the DCO to ensure potable water supply to the citizens of the city as different areas were being supplied contaminated water by the TMA.

Speaking on the occasion, Jamaat-i-Islami leader Dr Zahid Sattar condemned the rising street crimes including incidents of theft and dacoities in the district. Jamaatud Dawa District Ameer Maulana Abu Muuaz said that Muslim should stand up against the anti-Islam movie.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI District convenor Dr Waheed Akbar said that MMA platform was totally impartial and non-political organisation so everyone should support its cause.

He said that new province might be created on the basis of ethnicity, regional languages and administrative grounds but execution should be made without political gimmick and party interests.

Former district nazim Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq announced joining the MMA and said that if Toba was included in Seraiki province, strong movement would be launched against the decision.

JUI-F District Ameer Maulana Talha Abbassi, Sunni Tehrik District President Maulana Munem Hussnain Siddiqui, Maulana Dr Rafiq Anwar Chishti, Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Ludhinavi, PPP leader Rana Khalid Mahmood, Jamiat Ahle Hadith leader Maulana Burq Toheedi and Mufti Abdul Manan also spoke the gathering.

Through a resolution moved by JI leader Dr Zahid Sattar, gathering opposed the co-education started in some government primary schools. They demanded withdrawal of the decision.