LAHORE – Sheikh Rasheed has failed to attract less than one thousand people at his party’s public meeting in the City.

Rasheed, who is leading the Awami Muslim League (AML), held a moot at Gawalmandi Food Street on Thursday, aiming to muster public support to send the two mainstream parties home on the alleged charges of corruption and bad governance.

However, choosing Gawalmandi as the venue for the AML meeting seems to be a mistake on the part of Rasheed, as it is believed to be the heart of PML-N’s stronghold in the provincial capital.

The less than average participation in the AML public moot even failed to get some symbolic results as desired by Sheikh Rasheed against the alleged bad governance of the ruling party of the province.

Speaking on the occasion, Rasheed claimed that the Punjab rulers were equally responsible for prolonging the cruel and corrupt rule of the PPP-led government.

The AML chief maintained that he once made efforts to gather all the Muslim League factions at a single platform but the efforts could not be matured due to the stiff neck attitude of some Leaguers.

Astonishingly, Rasheed making another claim stated that Lahorities had won his heart through attending his public meeting in a sizable strength and he had no grudge against those who had removed his banners.

Talking to his ‘sizeable’ number of supporters, he announced that the AML would field two candidates from Lahore by forging alliance with likeminded parties.

Terming the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) a failure, he claimed that the people were criticising the project costing Rs 77 billion, as it would not benefit anyone. He said the project would reach to one billon dollar when reached its completion phase. The AML chief said the country could not get rid of the thieves and dacoits as long as the people of Lahore had not played their role.

He asserted that the rulers had engaged the entire nation on the issue of writing letter to the Swiss courts while five judges and the entire government were exhausting their energies on the same with no focus on poor masses.

Rasheed maintained that the rulers were establishing sugar mills in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Vietnam by the ill gotten money.

However, Rasheed in his entire speech had not uttered a single word for siding with Pervez Musharraf and clearing his position regarding playing part in the crimes of a dictator.