KARACHI  - The Sindh High Court on Friday rejected laboratory reports on the Australian sheep suspected of being infected with harmful diseases. It directed the authorities to send fresh samples to London for further tests.More than 7,000 sheep from a shipment of over 20,000, rejected in Bahrain on concerns over scabby mouth, were inhumanely slaughtered en masse in Pakistan. The Sindh Livestock Department ordered the cull, which was halted after Perth-based exporter Wellard and Pakistani importer PK Livestock secured a SHC injunction and thousands of sheep were brutally killed, reportedly by untrained workers.The SHC ordered the fresh reports to be presented in court within three weeks. The SHC had ordered provisional testing by veterinary and microbiological experts of nearly 20,000 sheep imported from Australia. There have been disputes within the medical committee over the medical condition of the sheep, which some say suffer from the highly dangerous anthrax virus. Justice Maqbool Baqar of the SHC, hearing the case on Friday, expressed reservations over the report by the Islamabad National Laboratory, asking for fresh samples to be sent to London for further tests and report to be submitted by October 19. The court also issued orders to the concerned police superintendent for installation of CCTV cameras and security measures around the farm where the sheep are being kept.Also on Friday, Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said a full investigation would be conducted by the DAFF into the reports. He said the live export regulation system worked. He blamed Wellard for losing control of its supply chain.It is understood that representatives from the company were forcibly removed by the armed police from the culling site.LYARI EXPRESSWAY: Commissioner Roshan Ali Sheikh has said that the construction of the remaining portion of Lyari Expressway project will be started soon and the encroachments are the biggest hurdle in execution of the work. He said this while addressing a meeting with regard to Lyari Expressway project in his office here the other day.He said that the foundation stone of the construction of remaining portion of Lyari Expressway will be laid in October this year. Roshan Sheikh said that all the encroachments which were hurdle in execution of the project would be erased ahead of commencement of the work. Anti-encroachment operation would be launched under the joint supervision of the Deputy Commissioner Central and West, he said.He said that the affectees of the project would be given compensation soon as the funds for the purpose had already been released. Additional Commissioner Kamran Shamshad, Central Deputy Commissioner Dr Saifur Rehman, Deputy Commissioner West, Ganhore Ali Leghari and other officials concerned were also present.