ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI (KASWAR Klasra and Israr Ahmed) - Dodging Islamabad police cops and Rangers, deputed in the Red Zone to keep the protestors at bay, hundreds of lawyers and common people of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad once again entered the heavily condoned off zone on Friday and protested against the blasphemous US film.

However, the protesters remained peaceful this time, reached the Shams gate of the US Embassy in Islamabad and returned after they submitted their protest resolution.

The protest resolution against the anti-Islam film was received by the officials of US Embassy. Surprisingly, a group of lawyers of Rawalpindi and Islamabad also managed to enter the heavily-guarded Diplomatic Enclave up to the gate of the US Embassy despite Section 144 imposed in the federal capital. They also submitted their protest resolution to the staff of the Embassy and returned back peacefully.

Huge number of participants of the rally offered Friday prayers at the Constitution Avenue before proceeding towards the diplomatic enclave. Earlier, the lawyers had gathered outside the Parliament House and chanted slogans against the film. They had also handed over a “condemning resolution” to Senator Hilal Khan outside the National Assembly.

In a bid to keep law and order in Islamabad district, the city managers imposed section 144 on Friday while about 600 officials of police were deployed at the Red Zone along with the anti-riot force. Rangers were also tasked to maintain security inside Diplomatic Enclave.

City managers of Islamabad district took a sigh of relief in the evening on Friday after the law enforcement agencies managed to keep the demonstrators away from causing damage to life and property of the citizens.

Earlier, in Rawalpindi there was no let-up in the public anger against the production of profane movie mocking Islam as tens of hundreds of citizens poured on to streets and roads chanting slogans against the US administration and seeking death penalty for pastor Terry Jones and the film producer.

Those who staged protest demos and carried out protest rallies included District Bar Association (DBA), Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Zone PP-6, Shabab-e-Islami (SI), Sunni Tehrik (ST), PML-N Committee Chowk chapter and scores of school children. The protestors were carrying placards and banners mentioning anti-US slogans.

The law enforcers pulled up their socks by beefing up security around the sensitive installations, private and government properties across the city in a bid to avoid any mess.

According to details, the legal fraternity carried out a car rally from District Courts and reached Islamabad Diplomatic Enclave by wheeling on Benazir Bhutto Road (BBR) where they held a protest demo.

Led by DBA President Sajid Ilyas Bhatti, the rally was participated by Secretary General Imran Ali Malik, Attock Bar Association President Syed Azmat Hussain, Multan High Court Bar President Mehmood Ashraf Khan, Islamabad High Court Bar President Nayab Gardazi and many other senior and junior lawyers.

The black coats, embarking on cars, holding banners and placards bellowed slogans against US President Barrack Obama, US pastor Terry Jones and the film producer. Traffic remained blocked on BBR during the entire episode.

Dozens of activists of JI Zone PP-6 gathered at Gulzar-e-Quaid under the leadership of Dr Fariq Paracha and registered their strong protest against the US-made anti-Islam film.

Urging the government to sever its diplomatic relations with USA and other European countries for their hand behind the anti-Islam activities, Sunni Tehrik (ST) activists demonstrated at Muslim Town. They also asked the government to kick out the American Ambassador from the country to lodge protest against the US-produced film.

In a protest at Committee Chowk, PML-N members vent their anger against the anti-Islam movie by chanting slogans against American big wheels and the producer.

On the occasion, the speakers condemned the production of film saying it has not only hurt the sentiments of Muslims but also endangered the international peace. They said that one or two insane persons would not be allowed to disgrace Islamic figure under the garb of freedom of expression.

Several resolutions were passed unanimously during the Friday prayer congregations in which it was demanded of the government to play its active role to obtain release of Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, who had shot dead Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.

The Ulema also denounced the anti-Islam film and urged the Muslim Ummah to forge unity among its ranks to tackle international conspiracies against Islam.

Scores of tiny students of number of schools agitated against US-made film at Scheme-III. They were holding placards and banners bristled words against USA, Israel and Barrack Obama.

On the other hand, Farid-al-Asr Foundation and Young Foundation of Pari Sharif announced to hold protest rallies against blasphemous film while Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam (ATI) would also take out a protest rally from Katcheri Chowk to Islamabad today (Sunday) at 11am.