PESHAWAR - Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam-Ideological (JUI-I) alleged that Maulana Fazlur Rahman was protecting corrupt politicians and deceiving the nation in the garb of the religion.

The JUI-I KP chief Maulana Zubair while speaking at a press conference on Thursday alleged that the alliance of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman and former premier Mian Nawaz Sharif was aimed at protecting their corruption.

He said that the JUI-F chief was neither sincere with Islam nor Pakistan, adding that he knew only one thing that how to accumulate money. He alleged that Maulana Fazl in 2002 had been living in a mud-made house in Dera Ismail Khan, but now he is leading a lavish life with expensive bullet-proof vehicles and enjoying VIP protocol along with family members. He also asked Maulana Fazl to reveal his sources of income.

Maulana Zubair said that Maulana Fazl was a secularist leader, who, he said, was misguiding people by presenting himself the other. He alleged that former dictator Pervez Musharraf had bestowed Maulana Fazl with agriculture lands in D.I. Khan for supporting him in the passage of 17th Constitutional Amendment and the LFO, he maintained.

Enumerating other alleged corruptions of the JUI-F chief, Maulana Zubair blamed that Fazl illegally got his brother Zia-ur-Rahman appointed as Afghan Refugees’ Commissioner. Besides, in 2002, after the MMA came into power in KP, the Maulana instead of bringing a religious scholar as CM, made a person who was even unaware of Islamic teachings the chief minister.

Condemning the stance of Maulana Fazl regarding Fata, Maulana Zubair said that the JUI-F wanted to further push the ill-fated tribal people into troubles by opposing merger of the region with KP.

Responding to different queries, he said that the ulemas of Deoband had rendered sacrifices for Islam but when Maulana Fazl took charge as chief of the JUI-F, he used the party for his own benefits instead of raising voice for Islam sincerely.