ISLAMABAD (NNI) - Global warming is recognised as a serious threat by a large majority of Pakistanis. According to a recent Gallup survey, two-thirds (66 per cent) of the surveyed people perceive that the global warming has a serious impact on the areas where they live while 81 per cent declare that they are taking measures to protect the environment. The recent poll asked the citizens whether they thought that the global warming is having a serious impact on the areas where they live, 66pc agreed, while 22pc felt the opposite way. Respondents were asked whether their household takes any of six different possible actions aimed at protecting the environment: 81 per cent of the surveyed people said they implement at least one of them. The most frequent actions taken by them are: recycling or creating less waste (40pc), using less energy in the house (27pc) and using less water (20 per cent). Other than that 12pc use fewer batteries or replace common batteries with rechargeable batteries, 9 per cent use less spray products or use spray products that dont affect the ozone. Overall, 12 per cent do not take any of the above measures and 7 per cent did not answer the question. Awareness about global climate change and its impact on human life has been increasing in the past few years. Recent global surveys reveal that environmental problems are being taken seriously by people across the globe.