A US judge has ordered Britney Spears former manager Sam Lutfi to stay away from the star for three years. Lawyer Jon Eardley was also told not to contact the singer, threaten her, or attempt to act on her sons behalf. But the Los Angeles Superior Courts orders were not extended to her father Jamie, who is looking after the affairs of the 27-year-old. Both Lutfi and Eardley have said they will appeal against the rulings, which were recommended by Spears lawyer. Samuel Ingham, who was appointed by the court on the stars behalf, said the move was in her best interests. BBC Spears father and his legal team began moves to seek protection from the two men in January, arguing they had conspired with the singers former friend Adnan Ghalib to undermine Mr Spears control of her interests. Last month, Ghalib was issued with a three-year restraining order by the courts. In a series of hearings, Spears hairdresser testified that the singer had told her she was scared of Lutfi. But the pop star did not appear in court, despite petitions from both Lutfi and Eardley. Mr Spears lawyer Joel Boxer said the restraining order request was necessary to protect the singer from people who I think are fairly characterised as predators. Lutfis lawyer said that Spears had asked for his help and he had simply obliged. Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been issued against someone who merely responded to cries for help, Bryan J Freedman said. BBC