ROME (AFP) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconis penchant for pretty women is a source of suffering for his wife, she wrote in an open letter published Wednesday. I want it to be clear that I and my children are the victims and not accomplices in this situation. We must put up with it and that makes us suffer, Veronica Lario wrote. The letter, the second such public outburst from Lario, dealt mainly with Berlusconis choices of candidates from his People of Freedom party to stand in European Union elections set for June. Some are reportedly pretty young women with no political experience. The presence of pretty women in politics is neither a plus or a minus, said Lario, a 52-year-old former stage actress who is 20 years Berlusconis junior. But behind the facade of curvy feminine beauty, what is even more serious is (Berlusconis) impudence and lack of reserve ... that offend the credibility of all women, said Lario, adding: especially those who have always been in the front lines defending their rights. Someone wrote that all this is no more than some extra fun for the emperor, Lario wrote. I agree, what is in the papers is shameless rubbish, all in the name of power. Lario is rarely seen in public with Berlusconi, a flamboyant self-made billionaire with whom she has had three children. Two Italian lawmakers last month filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights because of his repeated statements that offend female dignity, according to Anna Paola Concia of the left-wing Democratic Party. In January 2007, Berlusconi issued a public apology to Lario after she learned through the press of his verbal dalliance with a pretty young lawmaker. Please forgive me, and take this public testimony ... as an act of love, one among many, he said after Lario wrote a letter to the daily La Repubblica demanding his contrition, which she said he had failed to show in private. Lario also had a comment Wednesday about Berlusconis presence at a birthday party in Naples for a pretty 18-year-old. I was very surprised to learn that, because he didnt come to any of his childrens 18th birthday parties, even though he was invited.