LAHORE - Controversy over fresh election for the Lahore High Court Bar Associations president further boiled up on Wednesday after Bars general house meeting convened to vote on a requisition calling for fresh elections ended indecisively amid rumpus in the house. As the house proceeding got underway, the lawyers favouring and opposing fresh election started shouting at each other making it impossible to vote on a resolution moved by a senior bar member Manzoor Gilani four days ago. Annoyed Secretary Muqtedir Akhtar Shabbir left the house after all his efforts to run the house smoothly faded away. He adjourned the house for indefinite period while both sides claimed their victory. Acting president Munawar Iqbal Gondal and his supporters claimed members of the association had voted to quash Gilanis requisition and had reposed confidence in him till February 2010 after passing another resolution tabled by Wali Muhammad Khan. Interestingly, the Press release issued by Gondal did not mention that whether Gilanis resolution was rejected or accepted and what was its current status. There was a third resolution from Babar Khilji advocate also seeking fresh elections. Another aspect of the issue is that Gondal is affiliated to PML-N lawyers wing but there is visible division among them as well. Khawaja Mahmood, the central president of PML-N lawyers wing, is favouring the move to hold fresh election while its Punjab president Naseer Ahmed Bhutta and people like Wali Khan are backing Gondal to continue till next year election. Khawaja Mahmood along with mover of resolution Manzoor Gilani and former bar president Ahmed Awais held bars general house at LHC rare courtyard and passed a resolution against Gondal. They said Gondal was not an elected president and there should be fresh election to give bar its elected representatives. They have also formed a committee comprising former bar presidents to take necessary steps to hold fresh election. They vowed to move resolution for Gondals disqualification even as vice president. Syed Manzoor Gilani advocate had moved a requisition demanding the secretary of the bar to convene a general house meeting to adjudicate over the dispute of over the presidency. The requisition, which was signed by over 300 bar members, stated that after the elevation to bench of former President Justice (r) MA Shahid Siddiqi, the office fell vacant. When contacted for comment, Advocate Hamid Khan, whose supporters had backed the vice president when he initially stood for election, said: The rules are very clear and there should be elections. He said the vice president has violated the traditions of the house by allowing non-members to disrupt proceedings, and predicted a backlash against the vice president. He should not have been in hall in first place when he was under review, Khan added. This account was disputed by Gondal who said: According to our bar association rules there is no provision of time limits - nor any kind of schedule, adding that it was his 'good luck that he had 10 months to go before scheduled annual elections take place in February. Concerning the claim of disruption by non-bar members, Gondal stated that the membership of the LHCBA is more than 12,000 and that all those present in the house on Wednesday were in fact members from various districts. They unanimously supported, he said.