ISLAMABAD - District Administration Islamabad has launched crackdown against those violators involved in using private cars/vehicles as taxies without necessary permits in the Federal Capital. ICT Administration received complaints from the citizens regarding use of private cars as taxi without getting necessary permit from the competent authority under the motor vehicle rules. Chief Commissioner ICT Fazeel Asghar, taking strict note of this illegal practice directed the district administration to take action against the violators and bring this illegal activity to end. Deputy Commissioner ICT Asadullah Faiz took immediate action and directed Secretary ITA Bashir Ahmed to launch crackdown against the violators and report back immediately. Secretary ITA Bashir Ahmed conducted surprise traffic checking in the city on Wednesday and challaned 48 such vehicles checked at G-10,G-11,F-10,Karachi Company stop and Peshawar More. These vehicles/cars were found being used as taxies without permit. Secretary ITA also issued warning to 16 such vehicles. Bashir Ahmed told that constant traffic checking would be ensured for putting this illegal practice to an end. Meanwhile the district administration has asked the owners of such vehicles, which were being used as taxi without permit to refrain such illegal activity failing which the vehicles would be impounded. ICT Administration has also launched crackdown against the tout mafia involved in minting money from the visitors coming to Excise and Taxation Office ICT in connection with the registration of vehicles. Crackdown was launched on receiving complaints from the citizens. Chief Commissioner ICT Fazeel Asghar took serious notice of these complaints and directed district administration to take action against such undesirable elements and clear the area from tout mafia immediately. He also directed that the citizens visiting ETO office should be facilitated and any complaint is redressed on urgent basis. Deputy Commissioner ICT Asadullah Faiz taking immediate action on the complaints directed Assistant Commissioner Industrial Area Captain (Retd) Farid ud Din to launch crackdown against the tout mafia and report back immediately. Assistant Commissioner Industrial Area captain (Retd) Farid ud Din Mustafa along with police officials in plain cloth visited the area and apprehended 10 touts on the spot and cases have been registered against them. The assistant commissioner and police officials in plain cloth posed themselves as the visitors of ETO office before the crackdown was launched. Assistant Commissioner Industrial Area, Farid-ud-din said that he has plain cloth police officials around the ETO office to maintain a constant vigilance in future and to get rid of the tout mafia from the area once for all. He said that all the facilities were being provided to the citizens under one window operation set up in the ETO office. He said that tout mafia would not be allowed to exploit the visitors coming to ETO office in connection with registration of vehicles.