ISLAMABAD - Director General of the ISPR, Major General Ather Abbas, on Wednesday said that 50 militants including the high value targets (HVT) have been killed while the security forces have secured Dagar town in the ongoing operation in Buner District. Giving an update on the operation at a media briefing at the ISPR Headquarters, Rawalpindi, he said that Qari Quresh and Maulvi Shahid were HVT killed among the 50 militants so far since the operation started on Tuesday. Principal Information Officer Shabir Anwar and a senior officer from the Interior Ministry Mr Mazari were also present in the briefing. He said that troops also recovered 18 of around 70 police and FC jawans abducted by militants in the area on Tuesday, adding that troops also destroyed two explosives dumps. General Ather said that troops had successfully secured Dagar, the main town in Buner District, and established links with police and paramilitary soldiers there, but militants were occupying three police stations in nearby villages. One security officer died in fierce fighting with the militants and three others wounded, he added. We are restrained by the fact that militants have taken the people of Buner hostages, he said. Gen Athar said that the government had mandated the FC and the Pakistan Army to restore the writ of the government, and we will make every effort to achieve the target. He said that now the area of Dagar had been got evacuated from the clutches of militants and the District Coordination Officer had been airlifted to sit in his office. The communication link between the local police and FC troops had been restored. He said that the troops were facing high level of resistance in Ambala area that mostly comprised mountains and hilly terrain. The DG ISPR said the areas including Sultan Wala, Nawagai and Pir Baba Ziarat were still in the control of militants and urged the media to avoid operating in the area and not to release any footage that may harm the cause of the operation. He said, We are operating in the area where the situation is highly volatile and any carelessness could cause collateral damage to the civilians or the forces operating in the area. He expressed sympathies over the incident wherein a reporter of Aljazeera TV came under crossfire and received wounds. His two other colleagues survived and were being evacuated from the area to maintain their security and safety, he added. He said that a reporter of a newspaper was released after issuing a warning that he had revealed highly sensitive information through his news report which ultimately provided an opportunity to the militants to take 70 personnel as hostage. Divulgence of any such report that may jeopardize or endanger the lives should be avoided at all costs, he added. During the briefing, the tapes carrying statements of two youth who fell victims to the alluring statements of the militants and were being prepared to commit suicide attacks were also run. They both were arrested from the same place but hailing from different areas. He said that both were being investigated and further details would be available in due course. Answering a question, he said that the militants were getting arms, ammunition and other assistance through Afghan border. He said around 60,000 troops were deployed there but the whole length of the border mostly comprising hilly terrain could not be sealed off completely. To another question, he said the agreement of government with Taliban in Swat was still intact and expressed the hope that things may improve after the installation of Darul Qaza. He said that the government was in full control of the situation and dispelled the impression that there was some lack of coordination among different government organizations operating in the area. He said all the departments and organizations were working in full coordination to carry out anti-militant operation. When his attention was drawn towards allegations of double game, he said that the damages caused to the Security Forces of the country speak louder themselves. Such allegations were baseless and unfounded and had this been true, our security forces would not have inflicted damages of such a high level. While referring to the use of FM Radio by Fazal Ullah in the area, he said that the transmission of higher frequency station had been jammed while efforts were in hand to jam the transmission of low frequency channel. Agencies add: The ISPR DG said, We are restrained by the fact that militants have made the people of Buner hostages. He said operation is underway in Ambela and Milandar and that stiff resistance is being faced by the troops in mountainous area of Ambela. He said Pakistans armed forces possess the capability of dealing with any kind of security challenge. The armed forces will never disappoint Pakistani nation, he added. Meanwhile, Taliban kidnapped five members of a delegation of Tableeghi Jamat and killed one of them in Tehsil Matta of the Swat Valley. According to sources, five members of Tableeghi Jamat were kidnapped and one of them feared killed in Shanghoti area of Matta. Taliban have stepped up their terror activities in district Swat after military operation in Buner. Meanwhile, At least two people were wounded in a blast during funeral in Moryali area of Dera Ismail Khan. Police said some unidentified terrorists had planted a bomb inside an under-construction house, which went off with a big bang when a police van carrying body of Jehangir reached near the site. However, two people sustained injuries during a stampede that followed the blast. The injured were shifted to district headquarters hospital for medical treatment. It may be recalled deceased Jehangir, whose funeral was offered on Tuesday, was gun downed by unknown at the main bazaar of DIK. In another incident, unidentified armed men resorted to aerial firing at the main market in DIK, causing panic among the shopkeepers and residents of the area. The shopkeepers closed their shops soon after the incident. Akbar Saeed Khan from Timergara adds: Artillery shelling targeting militants hideouts continued in Maidan Dir Lower on Wednesday despite the government and ISPR announcement that operation in Dir had been completed, residents of Maidan said. In mortar shelling a woman identified as wife of one Ajmir of Atto and a motorcyclist Muhammad Shah of Maniar were killed on Wednesday, sources said, adding that nine shells had been fired in Kulalano Dherai, Atto, Sangolai and Sher Khanay. The security forces established one new check post at Rehanpur village while regular Army was deployed at the Zulam Bridge linking Dir Lower and Bajaur Agency. The sources said the Taliban fighters were no more visible who had gone underground in several parts of Maidan. The curfew like situation in whole of Maidan created hurdles for the families returning to their homes. Dozens of families were seen going inside and outside the area at the Odigaram Bridge. People were reluctant to go back to Maidan as according to them it was still not clear whether or not the forces had stopped the operation. A resident of Bishgram Maidan Sherin Zada said he had taken his family back to the area but on hearing sounds of mortar shelling we decided not to return and brought the family back to Odigram. The In-charge of Al-Khidmat Foundation reception camp at Odigram Syasat Khan pointed out that forty families had returned to Maidan while twenty families had left Maidan for seeking safe shelter on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Maidan Peace Jirga held a meeting in Maidan with its chairman Amanullah in the chair, sources privy to the jirga said. Sources said the jirga demanded of the government to end the operation, implement Nizam-i-Adl and lift the curfew in Maidan. President of the Al-Khidmat Foundation Dir Lower chapter Fazal Mehmood and its general secretary Malik Sher Bahadar while addressing a news conference here claimed that so far 70,000 people, most of them women and children, had been rendered homeless during the operation. They said the Foundation was engaged to provide services to these people but the government and donor agencies had so far been silent spectators. They alleged that the military operation in Dir was still underway and it had not been stopped according to the government announcement.