PESHAWAR - A large-scale migration was witnessed on Wednesday in Buner district when thousands of people from different parts of the area abandoned their houses and migrated to adjacent Swabi and Mardan districts because of threat to their lives by the ongoing military operation. Thousand of people have left their houses till now and moved to other comparatively safer areas, Muhammad Ali Babak, a resident of Totalai town of Buner district, said while talking to TheNation. He also added that most of them have migrated to adjacent Swabi and Mardan districts. Muhammad Ali Babak also maintained that majority of the displaced people, including women and children, have taken refuge in the houses of their relatives. NWFP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain has also confirmed the large-scale migration. However, he said that it is difficult to give the exact figures of the displaced people. Moreover, thousands of Afghan refugees, residing in Kawga Camp of Buner district, also left their mud houses when Taliban militants occupied a hospital in the camp and converted it into their base. Around five thousands families of the refugees camp have left their mud houses up till now, local sources informed. They also said that around 1000 individuals have left the camp for Afghanistan via Torkham Khyber Pass.