HANGU - The armed militants reoccupied a village of Sikh community in Lower Orakzai Agency on Wednesday for not paying Rs 15 million to them as Poll Tax (Jaziya). According to details, the militants reoccupied Sama Ferozkhel, a village of the Sikh community, because they had not paid Rs 15 million as Poll Tax to the militants. The Sikh community of the village had agreed to pay the said amount to them when they had captured the village in a similar action 20 days ago. The militants had vacated the village after the local reconciliatory Jirgas assurances that the Sikh community would pay Rs.15m to the militants as Poll Tax by April 25. But after the expiry of the deadline, the armed militants captured the village again and said that they would not vacate the village if they were not paid the said amount. The militants, following the caliphate, have demanded the tax amount in which the non-Muslim citizens had to pay a certain amount of money as Poll Tax, called Jaziya, to the Muslim state. The Taliban believes Jaziya a part of Islamic system of governance.