LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the government would use every means to protect lives of the citizens and time is ripe to evolve a national strategy involving the masses, religious scholars of various schools of thought and government functionaries to combat extremism and fundamentalism in the country. Establishing its writ and peace everywhere in the country as well as to ensure safety of everyones life is the prime responsibility of the government and every means and channel would be employed to fulfil obligations in this regard, stated the Chief Minister here Wednesday in a statement. Commenting on the Buner situation, Shahbaz said citizens cannot be left at the mercy of the militants and the extremists. It is our responsibility to protect their life and property. The CM said the security forces deserve our greatest applaud for discharging their national duty towards establishment of the state writ in that part of the country. The efforts of the security forces and the sacrifices they are rendering are matchless and highly valuable, he added.