ISLAMABAD (Online) - Balochistan PPP President Nawab Lashkari Raisani has deferred his decision to resign from the slot of party presidency and Senate for a month. Talking to reporters in Islamabad, he said he has no confidence in the investigation launched by Interior Minister Rehman Malik into the murder of three Baloch nationalist leaders. I still abide by my decision. I have only postponed my resignation. I will take decision after one month, he said. When asked about his demands, he said issue of Balochistan should be redressed and investigation into the killing of Baloch leaders be carried out in a transparent manner. He called for halt to intervention of intelligence agencies in Balochistan. Moreover, he said Musharrafs policies are still being followed in the province yet after a democratic set-up. He said he had asked Rehman Malik with regard to the recovery of missing persons but he did not respond to him. The ministers, he said, should also mend their ways and minds. Replying to another question, he said I am not blackmailing anyone. Earlier, Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani met Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik at the Interior Ministry and discussed burning issue of Balochistan with him. According to sources, the Chief Minister Balochistan informed Federal Interior Minister that his brother Lashkar Raisani has postponed his decision to tender resignation from slot of Senator as well as party presidency. Overall situation of Balochistan were discussed in length during the meeting besides issue of killings of Pushtoon in Karachi. The Chief Minister asked the Federal Interior Minister to carry out fresh and detail inquiry into the killing of three Baloch leaders and problems being faced by Balochistan should be redressed at all cost. It may be recalled here that it was the second meeting between CM Balochistan and Federal Interior Minister during last 3 days.