UNITED NATIONS - The UN health agency said Wednesday it was moving closer to declaring a pandemic alert phase 5 for swine flu, which is spreading with no sign of slowing down. No meeting has been set for the World Health Organizations emergency committee, which could recommend an increase of the alert level to the second-highest level of the 1-to-6 scale. It appears we are moving closer to that, but we are not there yet, Keiji Fukuda, WHO acting assistant director-general, told a news conference. Moving to phase 5 from the current phase 4 would be a significant step, he said. WHO experts are examining the transmission patterns of swine flu for signs the disease is spreading among people who have not been to Mexico, or had close contact with those who had. The United Nations agency has previously said it might raise its pandemic alert level to phase 5 if it were confirmed that infected people in at least two countries were spreading the disease to other people in a sustained way. Fukuda said the WHO has confirmed 114 swine flu cases in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Israel, Spain, Britain, and New Zealand, with seven deaths in Mexico and one in the United States which US authorities have said was a Mexican baby who traveled there for medical assistance. It is clear that the virus is spreading and we dont see any evidence of this slowing down at this point, he said.