Armed ethnic clashes between Pashtun and Urdu-speaking groups have killed at least 34 people in Karachi, officials said Thursday. The clashes broke out overnight in the heart of the sprawling port city of 14 million but paramilitary troops managed to restore calm later Thursday, the uneasy peace punctuated just occasionally by sporadic gunfire. The government of southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital, has issued shoot-on-sight orders for "miscreants". "The home department has issued shoot-at-sight order for the miscreants who harm the life or property of peaceful people in Karachi," provincial interior minister Zulfiqar Mirza told a news conference. "The situation is now under control and all the major political parties have agreed to gather on one platform to maintain permanent peace," he said. Officials at Karachi's largest hospital confirmed 25 dead there while nine bodies were delivered to another hospital in country's largest city, a senior police official said. Dozens of people were wounded. The clashes, separate from the fighting between the government and Islamist militants in the country's troubled northwest, left some parts of the usually bustling city almost deserted on Thursday.