ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - President Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday called on the nation to put political differences aside and give their backing to the troops fighting Taliban in a northwestern region. The aim of carrying out operations in Buner and Dir was to establish writ of the government, the President said in a statement. Time has come for the entire nation to give pause to their political differences and rise to the occasion and give full support to our security forces in this critical hour, Zardari said. He said that nationwide support was critical in ensuring the protection of the rights of Pakistani citizens. This is the only way to demonstrate our will, to keep Pakistan as a moderate, modern and democratic state where the rights of all citizens are protected, Zardari said. The operation in Buner and Lower Dir is meant to re-establish the writ of the Constitution and to ensure security of Quad-i-Azams Pakistan, he said. He stressed that the security forces be extended complete cooperation by forgetting all the differences.